Toronto Parks

Arriving in Toronto, you will see an incredible beauty of this city. It is well-known that Toronto is famous for its great parks. Approximately 8,000 hectares of Toronto are parks. Entertainment, green lawns and fragrant gardens are waiting for you there. You can visit and stroll in parks of various sizes and shapes.

High Park

The High Park – is one of the largest and most popular parks among tourists and citizens. The park is full of numerous entertainment, attractions, playgrounds and spacious green lawns. Moreover, visitors will find a Zoo there. Various animals will appeal to adults as well as to kids. Peacocks, horses, giraffes, bison are waiting for you to visit the amazing Zoo.

For those who loves sport and active pastime, there will also be activities to do while strolling in the park. There you will find basketball and soccer fields, tennis courts, so you can train or play right there. There are also specially equipped areas where you can do a work-out.
Moreover, High Park has a breathtaking landscape and wonderful trails. You can wander for hours in this large park and enjoy the different types of plants growing along the entire area. One of the tourist attractions is the Sakura, which blooms every spring and makes the park even more gorgeous.

Edwards Gardens park

Edwards Gardens is located near the Botanical Garden. If you are a lover of flowering gardens and fragrant flowers, you should definitely visit this stunning park. Carefully groomed flowerbeds are paved all over the park. Charming roses, wildflowers, odorous lilies and colorful tulips attract the visitors with their fragrant smell. In the spring, flamboyant tulips bloom and paint the park with bright colors. Moreover, numerous trees and bushes are planted in the park, which makes this area even more green and pleasant for walks. As you wander through Edwards Gardens, you’ll encounter many squirrels scurrying between vegetation.
In the summer, a festival Edwards Summer Music takes place in this exuberant park. Many famous artists and singers Take part in it. During this period, the park is filled with many visitors (both tourists and locals), everyone is having fun and the atmosphere is very positive and cool. So, this park is really worth your attention.

Bluffer’s Park

Everyone has definitely heard about the famous Lake Ontario in Toronto. This park is located on the banks of this river. The territory of the park is extremely beautiful and enchanting. Pedestrian and bicycle trails, which are paved along the shore, provides visitors with a breathtaking view over the lake and its nature. There are tables and necessary tools, on the lawns, for picnics and barbecues in the park, so you can use them. You will also find some shops and cafes with various fast food and drinks. However, the high – light of the park is the beach, where you can swim in the lake and busk in the sun.

Don Valley Brickworks

Don Valley – is one of the newest parks of the Toronto. It is located in a valley near a former brick factory. Previously, the plant had been operating since 1889, but now nature resumes its empire in the park.

Visitors can feel a real union with nature. Blooming fields, ponds, rocks, and the inhabitants of these places (various birds and animals) are waiting for you. The park has wonderful walking and bicycle trails. There is also a special park area for dogs where they can have fun without the leash.

A farmer’s market is located on the territory of the park, where various entertainment events are regularly held. In case, if the visitors are hungry, they can eat in a cafe with an excellent cuisine. So, Don Valley has a really nice and special atmosphere.