Transport Toronto Pearson Airport

Transport Toronto Pearson Airport

Toronto Pearson Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. It is located quite far from the city center and it requires some time to get there. However, you don’t 1need to worry about how to get there, because there are several transportation options. For example: taxi, car rental, bus or even the train. Of course, you can choose any of them considering what is more convenient for you.

Means of Transportation YYZ airport

Means of Transportation YYZ airport


If you need to get to the airport as fast as possible, taxi is a good variant. It’ll take you no more than one hour to get from the airport to the Downtown. Passengers can find taxes at the Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. There are such options as Ridesharing or Transfer available for you. In order to use the trip, you will need to download and use a special app on your smartphone and book a trip. You can also book a transfer in advance using the website, or choose it at the airport. The fare depends on the destination you need to go.

Transport Toronto YYZ

Car rental

At the Pearson Airport, you can easily rent a car, which is one of the most convenient means of travel. You will find this service on the first level of the Terminal 1 and 3. Moreover, you are also provided with the opportunity to pre-order it on our website. Lots of car rental companies are presented at the airport, so choose the one that suits you and your budget.

Transport Toronto Pearson Airport


Numerous bus transportation options are available at the Toronto Airport. Many buses and different routes are represented by different companies, so you can find the needed one. This means of transportation is one of the cheapest. Buses depart from two terminals (1 and 3).


In order to get to the city center, the passengers have an opportunity to use a train. The express stops at two stations (Bloor and Weston stations). The train will take you to your destination in 25 minutes. To find the needed station, follow the signs “Train to the City” which are located at the Terminals. You can buy train tickets in Terminal 1 or book them on the Up Express website. This transport is quite convenient and cheaper than the previous once. However, the price depends on whether you are an adult, a child or a student.

In addition, to move between the terminals, which are located at a certain distance, you can use the free train Terminal Link. It will take you to the terminal, hotel or parking lot in less than 10 minutes.

So, as you see many transportation options available to you, choose the one that suits you better.