AIR NEW ZEALAND – Airline details


Phone number: 1-800-663-5494

Air New Zealand is New Zealand’s largest air transporter company, the country’s national airline. The airline operates domestic and international flights. They handle flights to the countries of Europe, Asia and North America.

Departure and Arrival terminal

There is no specific terminal or gate at Toronto airport for the arrival or departure of this airline company. Most flights are code-share and they are actually operated by other airlines. Usually, when the flight is code-sharing passengers have to use Terminal 1. However, the terminal may change depending on the flight, so you will definitely need to check the information at your airline. To check – in for your flight and get a ticket, use the service of the required terminal.


During the trip, you will definitely not get bored, on the back of each chair there is a personal touch screen that you can use, in order to watch videos and movies. You will also have access to Wi-Fi throughout your trip. Air New Zealand does everything for your rest and comfort, during flights, especially during long journeys, passengers often get hungry and want something tasty. So, so you can find delicious dishes from chefs and a bar right on the board.