Terminals Toronto Pearson Airport

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Terminals Toronto Pearson International Airport

Toronto Pearson Airport YYZ is one of the most famous and largest airports in Canada. It is also one of the airline’s main hubs Air Canada. This airport serves and handles millions of customers annually. Therefore, in order to please all passengers, Toronto Airport offers its services. In general, it has three terminals, but only two of them are for passenger’s transportation: Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.

Terminal 1

This terminal serves both international and domestic flights. By the way, it is the newer and most modern one, besides, it is really large.

This Terminal consists of various levels:

Ground level

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3

Each floor is responsible for providing certain services. For example, the second level is the departure place, here you have access to all the gates (to be precise, there are 58 of them), also here you can find out and get all the information you need. While you are waiting for your flight, the airport makes sure that you spend your time without getting bored and have access to everything you require.

Terminals Toronto Pearson Airport map

Terminals Toronto Pearson Airport map

You can pass the time in several ways:


You will find many food courts, cafes and restaurants for every taste. So when you’ll have a desire to eat, you can choose the one which suits your preferences.


There are numerous stores in the terminal with different contents and products, so you will definitely find those things that you require. This will also save you from boredom, because you can wander around the shops for hours and enjoy the shopping process.

Playing zones

We all know how difficult it is for children to sit still or to be patient. That’s why you will find playing areas that will interest your kids. Just visit the game room and your child will be satisfied.


You will undoubtedly find a pharmacy and be able to buy the medicine you need.

In addition, you will have access to the free Wi-Fi network which you can use.

Terminal 3

This terminal also serves both international and domestic flights. It contains 46 gates. On the territory of the airport you will find hotels where you can rent an apartment. The terminal 3 has a connection with Sheraton Hotel and also a parking lot. This option is very convenient, because there you can rent a room for the night right near the airport, in order to save your time on the road and restore the energy.

This terminal contains three levels:

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3

Here you will find Customs and Immigration services. Moreover, the second level is connected to the Hotel. In addition, here you will find a modern shopping center with various stores and goods that will give you the opportunity to spend your free time usefully. Basically, the same services are provided here as in Terminal 1.

So, you will be providing with such services in Terminals Toronto Pearson Airport :

  • Food court (cafes and restaurants)
  • Shopping center
  • Duty Free
  • Pharmacy
  • Wi-Fi
  • Finances

You can exchange currency, find an ATM and withdraw money or top up your bank account, which is really very convenient.

Lost-and-found office

If you lost or forgot something at the Toronto airport, you can contact the special lost and found department that will help you deal with your problem.

Car rental

You can choose a suitable car for you among the presented companies (they are available at more expensive and lower prices).


The passengers are offered two long-term car parks in both terminals and one short-term car park is offered outside the port area.

Smoking zone

You will find designated smoking areas located throughout the terminal.

Transportation between terminals

To move between the terminals, you can use the train Terminal Link. It works 24 hours a day and is very fast, the time you will have to spend in the train to get from one station to another will be less than ten minutes. In addition, with the help of this means of transportation, you can get to the hotel you need. It is also equipped and adapted for the transportation of people with special needs and on wheelchairs. Moreover, this train is absolutely free. Finding it is quite easy and won’t be a problem, because you need to find and follow the “Train” signs that will lead you right to the train platform.