Terminal 1 Toronto Pearson Airport YYZ

Terminal 1 Toronto Pearson Airport YYZ map

Toronto Pearson International Airport is one of Canada’s busiest airports. Moreover, it’s the largest one. Toronto Airport is also the busiest in terms of passenger flow. It also works as a hub for numerous airlines, such as WestJat, Air Canada and some more. Pearson Airport serves both international and domestic flights.

By the way, conditions on the plane and long hours of flight are very tiring, so a good rest before the flight is necessary. So, it’s better to relax and have a good rest before the journey. Terminals and the services they provide will help you with this.

In total, the airport has three terminals, but only two are intended for passenger transportation: Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.

Terminal 1 map ariport YYZ

Terminal one is the new and the largest terminal in the airport. It is intended for both international and domestic flights. Here you have access to all the gates, precisely 58 of them. This terminal contains several levels, each of which is responsible for specific services.

Ground Level (Transporttation):

Toronto Pearson Terminal 3 Map

On this level, passengers can get access to ground transport that will take them to their desired destination

1 Level arrivals

level 1 terminal 1 airport toronto pearson yyz map

Passengers find themselves namely on this level. That’s why this floor is the baggage claim area.

Level 2 departures

Level 2 terminal airport yyz toronto pearson
The second level is the place of departure. You can find the required gate here. Moreover, you will find the customs service as well as the security one.

 Level 3 Check in

level 3 terminal 3 toronto airpor

this is the check-in area as well as boarding. Passengers will also find access to parking lots here.
So, as you can notice each floor is responsible for certain tasks and services. In order to know where you need to go according to your needs, you have to be aware of their right location.

While you are waiting for your flight, the airport makes sure that you won’t get bored and will have a good time.

How to spend your free time before the flight

  • Deli (restaurants and cafes)

If you are hungry and you have a desire to eat, you will find many different food places in Terminal 1. So, you can choose a restaurant or cafe in the food court area that suits your taste and budget.

  • Shopping center (including Duty Free)

In the local shopping mall, you can find any product that you require. Products ranging from clothing to hygiene products are presented to you. Thanks to such a large selection, you can spend hours walking through the shops and chosing the best products. Moreover, with this activity you will definitely not get bored.

  • Medical center

As the airport takes care of its passengers, you can use medical assistance here if it is necessary. In the medical center you will be examined and provided with the necessary help.

  • Playing zones

As everyone knows it is quite difficult for children to endure long flights. Moreover, it is not easy for kids to sit still and behave seriously or patiently. That’s why you will find many play areas for children to entertain them.

  • Bureau of finds

It often happens that people forget their things at the airport. In order to find what you lost, contact the Lost – and – found office, where they will certainly help you.

  • Finances

You can exchange currency or use an ATM.

  • Car rental

If you require a car, you can easily rent it and choose one of the companies presented to you. Decide a suitable car for you, they are available at more expensive and lower prices.

  • Parking lots

You don’t have to worry about where to leave your car, because passengers are offered two long-term parking lots in the terminal.

In addition, free Wi-Fi is available to you at the terminal, and you’ll find numerous smoking areas located throughout the place.

  • Hotel

You will also have access to hotels such as Sheraton Gateway Hotel, Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel & Suites and some others. Here you can rent apartments for the needed time and relax before or after the flight, which is really very convenient. Besides, staying in a hotel will save you a lot of time in getting to the airport. To get from the Terminal 1 to the hotel and from there to the airport, you can use special transport Terminal Link. It works around – the – clock, and it will take no more than ten minutes to get to the right place.