Departure from Toronto Pearson Airport

Toronto Pearson Airport works as a hub for numerous airlines, such as WestJat, Air Canada and many other once. Millions of departures take place from there every year. It’s well known, that Toronto airport is one of the busiest one in the world. If your departure is scheduled at a peak time, be sure to arrive at the airport a few hours early in order to pass all the necessary checks. Always remember that if you want to have a snack or some rest, you should choose places that are situated close to your gate. Competent time planning will help you to cope with all the mandatory things on time and not to miss your flight.

Departure from Toronto Pearson Airport

In addition, before departure, you will have to deal with a certain service, for example, customs control and security. Be sure to have all the necessary documents with you, that will prevent you from long queues. Moreover, to speed up the registration process, you can use the online service, which will also help to save your time and nerves.

Toronto Airport handles departure both domestic and international flights

From each of the two terminals, passengers have access to all the gates from where they are ready for the departure. Terminal 1 has entry to numerous gates, precisely 58 of them (D1, D3, D5, from D7 to D12, also you’ll find D20, D22, D24, D26, D 28, from D31 to D 45, D51, D53, D55, D57, from F60 to F63, F 64A–F 64B, and some more.) Some of them are situated along the corridor and some of them are at the end of the hall. In order not to get confused and find out where they are located, pay attention and follow the special signs.

Unlike Terminal 1, Terminal 3 has fewer gates, to be precise 46 of them. A, B and C gates are located there (from B1a to B1d, B2a, B2c, B3-B5, A6d-A6f, from A7 to A16 and so on.) Here, as in the Terminal 1, in order not to get lost, you will need to read the signs. The second floor in the both terminals (1 and 3) is the departure level.

You don’t need to worry about where to park your car while you’re not in Toronto.

Departure from Toronto Pearson Airport

The airport takes care of its clients and has prepared all the important things for your convenience. That’s why you will find and be able to use long-term car parking for the required time. If you need to take your friend or relative to the airport and help them with their departure, you can use the Express Pass. It provides free parking for up to 18 minutes during passenger boarding. This is secure parking in Terminals 1 and 3.