Arrivals at Toronto Pearson Airport YYZ

With Toronto being one of the most important cities in all of Canada, it comes as no surprise that the Toronto Pearson International Airport YYZ is the busiest airport in the country! This airport handles tens of millions of passengers every year, flying them to 183 destinations in 63 different countries around the world!

And if you’re arriving at this magnificent establishment, well you’re in luck! Because the YYZ Airport is just 22.5 kilometers from Downtown Toronto, and there are plenty of transportation options to fit your wants and needs! The airport is also equipped with many services to make your trip easier as you go.

From the plane to the gates of the airport Pearson Toronto

The YYZ Airport has 2 terminals, Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. Getting around between the terminals is possible through the in-terminal shuttle service and the Terminal Link (the train service that goes between terminals). These work for both departures and arrivals. The in-terminal shuttle buses can also help get you around within the terminal itself. Perhaps you’re late for your connecting flight and could use the extra speed to get to your gate? Not an issue, just flag down any of the passing-by shuttle services, and they will be happy to take you to your next stop as quickly as they can. But maybe you’re not late at all but just need assistance. That’s also not an issue, as you can wait by any of the signs that say “wait here for mobility assistance” and an in-terminal shuttle is sure to stop by soon and take you on board.

Arrivals generally land in terminal 1, on the first level. There, you will need to clear customs and go through passport control, cruise over to collect your bags from baggage claim, and then head over to the ground floor for pickups, taxis, buses, the parking lot, car rental services… etc. Free Wi-Fi is available to accompany you throughout your journey through the Pearson International airport so you can stay connected and better plan for the next step of your journey. To make your journey even more comfortable, other services are offered by the YYZ Airport as well, such as available porters to help you with your luggage, a host of restaurants and cafes to greet you upon arrival for a good meal or a quick snack after a long plane ride, and even limited-time free parking to make it convenient for those picking you up from the airport!

And there you have it, you’ve made it through the Pearson International Airport from the plane to the gates of the airport! It was that easy and comfortable!

Guide what to do when I arrived at the Toronto Pearson Airport YYZ

Guide arrived at the Toronto Pearson Airport YYZ

Using this photo, you can be directed to a guide where you can enter the destination you’re coming from to the YYZ Airport and the airline, and you will receive a step-by-step guide on what to expect and where to go in the airport.

If you need extra information to help guide you through customs and immigration, then this is the link for you!

This link provides more information about airlines (and their respective terminals) and destinations, while this link tells you all you need to know about picking up someone and dropping someone off.