Services Toronto Pearson Airport YYZ

Services Toronto Pearson Airport YYZ

Tens of millions of passengers use the many facilities offered at the YYZ Airport and remark about the fact that such facilities do in fact make their journey more comfortable and run smoother. This is made possible with the continuous influx of new and updated services and facilities that the Toronto Pearson International Airport keeps bringing out for the convenience and leisure of the flyers.

Services for convenience

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These facilities are meant to make all the difference between a smooth-sailing journey through the airport, and a hectic and exhausting run through the gates. It is also important to mention that these services are all available at both terminals (Terminal 1 and Terminal 3) and are also available for the convenience of passengers who are departing from the YYZ Airport and arriving to it. They include:

  • ATM stations
  • Free, high-speed Wi-Fi available throughout your stay at the airport
  • International currency exchange offices
  • Baggage porter services
  • Safe excess baggage storage
  • Mobile services (such as data plan packages and so on) and phone services (such as phone accessories)
  • Pharmacies
  • Nursing rooms (around 7 spots across the airport)
  • Chapels and other prayer rooms (inter-faith)
  • Pet relief zones (at least 12 spots scattered across the airport for the convenience of your furry travel buddies and, especially the service animals)
  • Shoe care

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Services for accessibility

The Toronto Pearson International Airport proudly takes a great position in attempting to make the airport, and all its services, as accessible as possible! New and innovative methods are constantly being added, based on all the suggestions and latest research. Besides the usual wheelchair and mobility services and accessible bathrooms, some of these services include:

Services for accessibility

Self-check-in kiosks come with a side keypad that contains braille labels and earphone jacks for the audible instructions. The kiosks are also of wheelchair-accessible height.

The BlindSquare Event App can be downloaded prior to arrival at the airport. Upon arrival, it uses GPS to assist in navigating the user through the airport with great accuracy.

Similarly, the Aira APP helps navigate the visually-impaired user all throughout the airport to a destination of their choice.

Hearing loops help those with hearing aids and cochlear implants cancel background noise. This makes an incredible difference in the experience of a passenger with hearing impairment as they can avoid the headache of the noisy background, and they can hear any announcements more audibly and clearly.

Services Toronto Pearson Airport

LanguageLine application assists those with hearing impairment and those with a limited knowledge of English in communicating with staff members around the airport. The app contains live language translation at all times.

MagnusCards are available for passengers with autism as they help with tips on going through each step of the airport. It may be beneficial to review them before getting to the airport.

Sunflower lanyards can be requested and worn by individuals with ‘invisible’ disabilities. This signal is understood by airport staff members, and they will be ready and happy to assist you with whatever is necessary.