Air Transat Airline

Air Transat is a major Canadian airline. The company handles both domestic and international flights to 25 countries of the world. During the summer season, passenger transportation is directed to the airports of Europe.

Departure and Arrival terminal airline Air Transat

Air Transat’s arrival terminal is Terminal 3. The same Terminal is used for departure. However, in some cases the terminal may change, so you should check the information about it with your airline, if it’s necessary. You have several ways to get the ticket, you can book them on the airline’s website in advance, or check – in at the terminal. Passengers should mind, that in order to take an international flight, you need to check in at least 24 hours before departure.


First of all, choose a seat that is comfortable for you (by the window or with more legroom.) Book a seat in advance to get exactly that one which you really want. We all know that children are restless, so to make it easier for them to endure flights, we have a children’s club that will make their trip more exciting. You will definitely not get bored on board, there are many entertainment options waiting for you. For example, choose a serial or movie that you like and enjoy.