American Airlines

American Airlines, (abbreviated as AA) is an American airline. It has the largest passenger fleet (655 units). American Airlines operates both domestic and international flights The company handles regular flights within the USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Japan, China and India.

Departure and Arrival terminal

American Airlines uses Terminal 3 as an arrival and departure point. However, in some cases the terminal may change, so you should check the information about it with your airline, if it’s necessary. You can book a flight ticket in advance, or you can check – in at the airport at the required terminal. Follow the instructions on the ticket.


During the flight, you will have access to Wi-Fi and can entertain yourself by watching a movie or listening to music. If passengers get hungry, they can use the services of chefs and taste delicious dishes on board. The airline company has highly qualified and trained staff. In case of any problems, they will provide you with all the necessary services. In addition, the American Airlines team serves people with special needs and disabilities, and does everything to make the trip comfortable for them. However, to get these special services, you need to check – in at least 48 hours before departure.