Avianca – airline Toronto airport

Avianca is the state airline of Colombia. The main hub is El Dorado Airport. Avianca is the largest airline in Colombia, and the second largest in Latin America. This company specializes in both passenger and cargo transportation. Avianca handles both domestic and international flights.

Departure and Arrival terminal

At Toronto Pearson Airport, this company uses Terminal 1 for arrivals. They use the same terminal for departure. In some cases, the terminal may change, so you should check the information about it with your airline, if it’s necessary.
You can book tickets on the airline’s website in advance, or check – in already at the required terminal. Passengers should mind, that in order to take an international flight, you need to check in at least 48 hours before departure. In order to find the required gate, use the instructions on your ticket. If you have any questions, contact your airline.


Avianca has highly – qualified staff. So, in case of any need, you can contact them and they will provide you with all necessary services. Passengers have an opportunity to take economy and business class. You can also purchase additional services that will make your trip even more pleasant and enjoyable.