Amusement parks in Toronto

Canada’s Wonderland

Canada’s Wonderland theme park is located in the suburbs of Ontario. In addition, for several years, Canada’s Wonderland has been the most visited seasonal amusement park in North America. This park holds dozens of different festivals every year, such as Canada Day, a food festival, music and holiday events, Halloween Hunt and Winter Festival. The park also has hundreds of entertaining and fun attractions. Canada’s Wonderland includes more than two hundred attractions (both, for children and adults), various roller coasters (more than 15 of them), children’s zones and even an area with a water park and water activities. In case you get hungry, there are many food courts where you can order tasty fast food and drinks. Canada’s Wonderland is a great place to spend the vacation with your family and have fun together.

Fantasy Fair

Fantasy Fair is the largest indoor amusement park located in the Woodbine shopping center. This thrilling park is open all year round. Here you can arrange a birthday party (there are 6 party rooms), order an entertainment program, or group visits. Fantasy Fair is a really popular amusement park, especially among children. Here you will find many attractions for different tastes. For example: XD Simulator Theatre, Airforce Plane Ride, Antique Loof Carousel, Drop & Hop Tower and other incredible entertainment. A foot court with various cafes where you can order a delicious food and drinks, in case if you feel hungry, is located there.

Moreover, Woodbin Center offers a wide range of shops and products, so while the kids are having fun at the Fantasy Fair, their parents can enjoy the shopping time.

Centreville Amusement Park

Centreville Amusement Park – is an entertaining park for children and a nice place to spend the time with the family and have a real fun. The slogan of this park is “It’s always sunny in Centerville”. This park is especially popular with kids under the age of 1-0, but older children also like the entertainment there.

In this wonderful Centreville amusement park, you will find lots of attractions: carousels, rides on cars and swans, roller coasters, mini golf and much more. Usually, children are impressed by such attractions as Haunted House, Log Ride and of course Roller Coaster.

Some attractions have a height check, if the child is below the required mark, then he is not allowed to join the attraction. Moreover, some of them requires parents’ presence together with kids. These measures are taken for the safety of visitors.

By the way, it’s well-known, that during entertainment, children often get hungry, that’s why the Centreville Park has food courts and an area with cafes and restaurants where you cane have a snack or order delicious meal.

The best time to visit Centreville Amusement Park is on weekdays, when there are not many visitors and long queues. You will definitely have a lot of fun here.

Kidstown Water Park

Kidstown is one of the most popular water parks of Toronto. It’s a great place to spend your time with your family during a hot summer day. Kidstown is one of the most popular outdoor water parks for schoolchildren. A verity of water activities are waiting for you. You’ll find many water slides, children’s zones, picnic areas and food court.

Kids usually prefer such water features as a tipping bucket, aquatic animals and spray rings. Moreover, visitors will have an excess to several water pools.

You can also organize a picnic on a grassy area, have a meal there or watch your kids. If you have active children, this place is absolutely worth visiting.