Places to visit with kids in Toronto

Toronto is a wonderful city where both adults and children feel comfortable. As it is well known that children are restless and very active, there are numerous entertainment and activities for them in Toronto. Parks, excursions, playgrounds, everything is done for kids to have fun and enjoy their time in this beautiful city.

African Lion Safari

African Lion Safari – is a family safari park in the southern Ontario region. It is located only 100 km from Toronto. Here you will find lions, cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, kangaroos, even elephants and many other animals that live in this breathtaking safari. In this place, you can observe species that freely move through large areas of forests and meadows and interact with each other naturally.
Some part of the territory is arranged for walks, exhibitions and excursions. You can move around the park using your own car or together with a tour group. Kids will definitely enjoy this entertainment. Hundreds of wild animals, will undoubtedly impress them.

Ontario Science Centre

This place primarily attracts visitors with its interactive exhibitions that you can easily interact with. Here you can feel like a real scientist. Various experiments, where you can mix different liquids and observe their reaction (and even explosion), are waiting for you. Both, children and their parents can become a part of this fascinating science lab.
In addition, there is a Kids’ zone for children up to 8 years old. Here they will be able to build their own little railway and roller coaster, become part of a rock band and record their own hit and also have fun with soap bubbles. So, visit this Science Centre have a great time with your family.

Toronto Islands Park

A walk in the park is always a great idea, especially if you are going there with the children. The islands are an ideal place for a family reunion. Green lawns with picnic tables, kid’s playgrounds, everything you need to have fun, you’ll find in this amazing park.
By the way, it’s well known that children get hungry quickly, especially when they are very active, so in this case you will find here a foot court and cafes, where you and your kids can have a snack.
If you just want to have a walk, hand in hand with your loved ones along beautiful trails, ride a bike or jog, Toronto Islands Park is just a suitable place for it.
In case you want more entertainment and activities, you can come to Centerville Amusement Park, which is located right across the Toronto Islands Park.

Museum of Illusions

This museum is a great way to escape from the routine and an ordinary daily life. One ticket offers you an opportunity to visit numerous mind-bending rooms. You’ll find there a hall of abysmal mirrors, an antigravity room, various tunnels, inverted rooms and optical illusions are waiting for you in this amazing museum.
For example, one of the most interesting rooms is the one where you can use an optical illusion to change your size and become either small or a real giant. Such a cool experience. You definitely won’t get bored there. Both children and adults enjoy this entertainment. Incredible impressions and a good mood are guaranteed after visiting Museum of illusions. Don’t forget to take the cool photos!

Centreville Amusement Park

If you want to relax outdoors and have a great time, then Centreville Amusement Park is exactly what you need. Both adults and children will enjoy the fun and pleasant atmosphere of this place. There are about 30 attractions there. You’ll also find a vintage carousel made back in 1907. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy this park.