Taxi Services Toronto Pearson Airport YYZ

Taxi Services Toronto Pearson

Being the busiest and definitely the largest airport in Canada, the Toronto Pearson International Airport YYZ offers you a wide range of transport and transfer services for you to choose from. Most commonly, the choice is often to take a taxi service to your destination. There is never a shortage of helpful and accommodating taxi drivers waiting for potential customers as soon as you exit the YYZ Airport.

Taking a taxi may be slightly pricier than your other available options, but it is undeniably not only the fastest mode of transportation available but also the most dependable. You may choose to ride with one of the licensed taxi drivers available or opt to order your own preferable taxi service company to pick you up, such as Uber and Lyft.

Taxi services and The Pearson Airport

In general, you can often find taxi cars, limousines and minivans waiting for you. The process of getting a taxi involves three main options, is simple and is almost guaranteed to meet the needs of everyone!

The first option is as simple as walking out of the airport from the Arrivals area and straight into one of the taxi cars waiting for you outside. Waiting may be necessary if the airport is more crowded than usual. But don’t worry, there is a way (even two) around that. Which brings us to our next option, which is to pre-order a taxi before you get to the airport. Once your taxi has been pre-ordered, the driver will meet you right at the door to escort you to the car. There will be no waiting involved, which is very convenient in case of bad weather conditions.

Toronto Pearson Taxi Tariffs

The third option is the best and most comfortable one yet! For an additional fee, your pre-ordered driver can wait for you inside the airport, right after baggage claim, and assist and escort you to your vehicle. The options that involve pre-ordering the vehicle can be done through the following sites: and

Why and where?

One of the biggest advantages for why someone would opt for a flat-rate taxi is that the price is set and does not vary depending on weather conditions, traffic, and so on. The prices are generally fixed per destination. This saves you from potentially being overcharged and allows for better planning in advance.
Furthermore, the options offered by pre-ordered taxis are meant to fit your individual needs. Based on your requests, your vehicle can come equipped with a baby seat, accommodating for animals and also accessible for people with disabilities. These are just some examples of how you can tailor your trip to your liking, just make sure to mention these details when booking the taxi beforehand.

Lastly, as for where to find your taxi, the route is straightforward and easy to get to. If you wish to find a taxi outside the airport, head to doors C or D in Terminal 1 and doors C, E, or F in Terminal 3 map. If you have already pre-ordered your taxi service, head over to door A in both terminals (1 and 3). The designated area to get informed or wait, if necessary, for your driver is labeled Pre-Arranged Services.

Safe travels and enjoy your ride!