Toronto Cousin worth tasting

Multicultural diversity is reflected in Toronto’s cuisine. Different ethnic neighborhoods with their own cuisines are located throughout the city. There is a huge food choice waiting for you in Toronto.

Tourists can visit and taste different meals in Chinatown, Koreantown. Italian cousin is concentrated in Little Italy, Indian and Pakistan dishes you can try in Little India. However, it is also worth getting acquainted namely with dishes originating from Toronto.

Peameal Bacon Sandwich

This sandwich is Caesar bun with peas and bacon. You can find versions of this delicious Peameal Bacon Sandwich in many restaurants, but the original version of the sandwich is prepared at Carousel Bakery. At the first sight, it may seem that there is nothing unusual about this dish, but it’s not just an ordinary sandwich. Queues are formed at the places where this sandwich is served. It became a real favorite among visitors and chefs. In fact, this famous Peameal Bacon Sandwich was even filmed for television and several articles were written about it in journals and magazines. You can taste this yummy food right in the city center.


Tourtière is traditional meat pie with spices. It is considered a French-Canadian dish that is usually cooked after the New Year and on Christmas Eve. With time, this meat pie has become a part of traditional Toronto cuisine. Pork or beef is frequently used to prepare the meat filling. This dish is very flavorful, savory and scrumptious that it’s impossible not to taste it. The pie recipe also includes onions, potatoes, cinnamon and allspice. You should definitely try it.


This is one of the most popular Canadian snacks. It’s become the traditional snack in Toronto. The preparation of this dish is quite simple. The main thing is coarse – chopped and fried potatoes – French fries. Often, they are topped with sauce and melted cream cheese. In some restaurants, you can add some meat to this snack. Although Poutine originated in French Canada, it really gained popularity in Ontario. While visiting Toronto, don’t miss the chance to try this incredibly tasty dish.

Butter tarts

Butter tarts have become a traditional Canadian dish. Although this desert is really simple, however, it is quite popular among tourists and locals. The recipe for these tarts consists of eggs, brown sugar, butter and nuts, and puff pastry. Sometimes raisins or currants are added, depending on the taste. The first mention of the recipe for this dessert dates back to the early 1900s. Many restaurants and bakeries in Toronto offer you to taste their version of this delicious pie. If you are in Toronto, you should visit such places as Doo Doo’s Bakery or Bonjour Brioche, in order to try one.


This bagel is a pastry from Montreal, but its recipe is widely spread in Toronto and gained a real popularity here.
Montreal iconic bagels of different size and taste could be found at the South Market. The most popular place among visitors with the most delicious and flavor bagels is St. Urbain. There you can find a classically prepared bagel or with various toppings and fillings.
First, these bagels are boiled and then fried or baked in the oven. When they are ready, a thick layer of cream cheese (it’s also called schmear) is added to them. Since these luscious donuts became extremely popular, new and fragrant ones are baked every day. In addition, these bagels are filling food.

Ketchup chips

Now we can buy ketchup chips almost in every supermarket. However, it is an iconic Toronto snack. Here you can taste them in any fast-food café. These chips are a great solution if you want to have something to snack on during the day. So, if you’re in Toronto, head to your local supermarket and try this food.